For years too many I relied on posting to this website from the .MOBI principle. Everything was posted from someplace other than the home PC. Well, almost everything. My old .MOBI was my favorite website I ever put together. It had everything, from my darkest moments to the happier times and little mention of vast amounts of this life’s experiences.

It also turned into a sprawling mess, as seems to happen with any website or quite of sites that accumulate over the years. I individually fixed hundreds of posts that had dead images, broken by transitioning from one theme to another, exposing explosions of WordPress glitches that make that seemingly simple task an incredible chore.

I’m posting this through the Dex interface, using the WordPress mobile app. Dex is weird but I can cope. Dex turns your Galaxy smartphone or tablet into a desktop PC. It really works but it needs care and feeding. I’ve edited some images in Lightroom, used some apps that wouldn’t work on the BlueStacks 5 emulator, connected to cloud photos and documents… All this would not sound miraculous to most but for me it’s a sea change. It’s also a bit of a conundrum. Why do I still take my personal office setup seriously when it does not really matter much to me anymore?

I’ve also undone a security measure that had served me well enough, but limited my ability to post stuff from anywhere but home. Posting to WordPress was only allowed from my home IP address, which changes now and again on its own, or when I switch to a VPN. I’m going to finally remove that restriction, which survived solely on account of my nostalgia for using a very weak password, my first password ever, in use since 1992.

I’m also moving on to WordPress blocks for the first time ever. Will I hate them as much as I hoped? I don’t know, but I don’t hate anymore. This posting is solely for my edification.