Big event for my day was expected to be the dentist. Part 2 of the “deep cleaning.” It was an event. It went well. I guess. I trust this dentist, which is an assessment rare for me. I do not trust dentists. A previous encounter had me thinking I needed $15,000 worth of work and that I’d be paying for it the rest of my life because insurance wanted no part of it. In fact insurance would have covered all of it but while outlining the thousands of dollars worth of work to be done they kept dropping clues that none of it was really necessary, and that it was not going to accomplish anything significant. The next dentist was far more credible. And nice, btw. That previous dentist was just snotty and entitled as hell. Another previous dentist tried to scare me into needless procedures. She gasped when I opened my mouth, immediately declaring I needed multiple root canals and I don’t remember what other procedures. It would have been well into the 5-figure range, of course. I never saw that dentist again, never got that work done, and I still have teeth. No cavities.

Smoke is everywhere. I am double-masked and revisiting the annoyance of fogged-up glasses, combating the annoyance this time around by not wearing glasses at all as much as is practical. Colors are more natural without glasses, a fact I always regret when putting glasses back on. Maybe regret is too strong a term but it’s a real thing, that sensation of rich colors versus artificial colors.

Multiple thought streams this day, as any day. Troubles finding masks yesterday led me to bum a few off the dentist. It’s not that stores are sold out, they just don’t sell them anymore. Not as much demand as before.

Feeling incoherent and confuzzled. Yesterday’s dental work should have felt momentous. My first professional mouth guard, 3D printed no less, and a perfect fit, so said the dentist. It fell out when I tried to wear it last night. But I am a sleep thrasher. Store bought mouthguards frequently ended up on the other side of the room. The real news is that insurance covered all the cost of the mouthguard and the deep cleaning. No insurance in my history would do that. It was considered cosmetic, I guess.

Smoke has been strange and drowning. You realize that the earth can rebel, can turn against you, turn against the human race. We can be blanketed in toxins at any time, and more effectively by natural events than targeted military attacks. I took a full 2mg of Ativan today, might top off with another 0.5. Need to breathe. Need to let the breathing breathe. We need rain, or low pressure. I don’t understand low pressure but I get rain.

I get rain.

I’ve seen the rain?