Starting to ask myself what happened yesterday. Is it possible I was recognized by a homeless person at Union Square? I don’t know but I did not look back, and he did not come after me. Someone yelling my name, telling me to go fuck myself, I possibly heard “sorabji” among the vitriol. Whoever it was could not be bothered to get up off the ground, so I walked on without incident.

A few minutes later, at a subway turnstyle, a vagrant-looking black man started poking a young white man, saying he had been touched inappropriately by the white guy. The white guy stood his ground, said he had not touched anything, and the black guy moved on. Touching and making contact seems to be a theme these days. A woman moving through a crowded subway car announced her progress, warning all present that there would be no inappropriate groping or touching of her body. People seemed to think it was a joke but I don’t know.

You never know when an altercation might occur. You could be the last straw for someone whose day had been a lot worse than yours, whose life just maladjusted itself and you are in the new crosshairs.

I’m feeling off but not sure if I should be off or not. Did I take my pills today? I can’t remember but I sort of kind of can remember swilling that fistful of stuff. At worst I’d take another 1mg of Ativan and another pill of the cardiolol, or however that’s spelled. This is an example of how it would be useful to access the morning’s video of me in the shower. I could play it back and see if I took the pills, because that it where I take them. I don’t know what made me perform that diurnal chore in the tub but I like to do as much as possible there, for efficiency. I seem to remember taking the pills and then masturbating, thinking this behavior was at cross purposes with taking BP-lowering and seditive meds. I am not supposed to take more than 60mg of the Nifedipine (sp?).