I didn’t expect such rain. Exiting at Fulton and Dey it was pouring rain. No one seemed to have expected it. Nary an umbrella in sight. I had time, though. Being over an hour early every day has its advantages at times like this, and an unlimited Metro Card is a nice flourish.

I thought I had the path memorized but now I’m not so sure. There should be ways to get from Fulton and Dey all the way over to Fulton and Gold via underground passages in the subway. I did not quite find it today but I shall rehearse this scenario again. My goal was not to get all the way over to Gold but to get to the J/Z entrance/exit at Nassau and John. From there is an escalator rising up to a mostly covered path to Maiden Lane. That’s what I finally found but the path was more convoluted than it needed to be. I ended up exiting the station and attempting to reenter before the “unlimited” Metro Card’s 17 or 18 minute wait time expired. Thanks to a random subterrain I was allowed in through the emergency exit. That was nice of somebody, whoever did that. It got me onto the path I knew was down there, I just did not remember how to get to it from Fulton and Dey. It is also not lost on me that this trick would have been useless if this happened on the weekend. The JZ entrances are all closed those days.

That’s a stiumlating wraup of what caused me to be, by my standards, a little late. I’m usually here about 1:15 early, sometimes 1:30. Today I’m only an hour early. Might pop an extra panic pill because of it.

Not much else to articulate because two people are practically screaming at each other directly behind me. Talking in a language I don’t recognize, talking very fast, angrily, and at varying levels of volume. Pecking at my mind.

I have finally allowed myself to embrace the cloud, if that’s what this really is. I subscribed to Google One, in large part because they offered a VPN to back me up if my usual one craps out. My usual one has been kind of sketchy. It’s a freebie that came with a lifetime subscription to Usenet for $2.99/month, a freakin’ incredible deal. The VPN freebie switched from one provider to another at least once. Now it is Privado, I don’t remember what it was before. It is fast enough once connected but it can take a minute or more to establish connection. Unlike Google’s VPN Privado offers connectivity from data centers all over the world. In the past that had been useful to me when researching the state of the Iranian payphone industry. I think I had to use a Saudi Arabian VPN. But using those type connections are, no doubt, slow as hell. Google’s VPN is pretty set on making it look like you are coming from Deerfield, Michigan.

I don’t really need to skulk around anonymously behind a VPN. But I use them because, even though I might be imagining it, it seems my internet is faster and more stable when using a VPN on top of my base Fios connection. If that’s true I guess it would be DNS related.

Still feeling a little worked up over the tumultuous end-of-commute drama. Will pop a pill when I get to my desk. I was thinking yesterday how different my days are with these pills at my regular disposal. Most days are fine. It was not always like that. In fact it had not been like that for many years.

But with respect to the cloud I’ve come to appreciate that synced data is available from any connected device. I’d always been skeptical of this being useful for an individual but it’s good. It’s all good. I just have to be careful not to sync my porn or masturbation videos. Those chew up a lot of space.