I don’t know how, but I seem to have lost my company ID card. That makes no sense in any world but after 20 minutes searching this AM I gave up. It has to be somewhere. But the upshot for now is that, after sneaking into the office by tailgating someone with their ID, I feel I should not leave for risk of drawing attention to myself Maybe it doesn’t matter, but staying here, inside, for the full duration of an 8-hour day, sounds out of character for me as long as I’ve been here. IN past jobs I would have been happy to live at the office. But this one I leave behind at the end of the day.

I could ask someone to borrow their ID, but that would call me out for my trespassing (so to speak). None of my bosses are here today and one of them would be the likeliest to let me borrow hers.

Oh who cares? Who gives a frying fluck? SOme people, it is true, never leave this building for the duration of their workday. SUch is the world of work.

I got kinda sick the past few days, with a sore throat and temperature. Felt pretty lousy yesterday and same today but the fog is lifting. Stumbled foggily through some street fair event in RIdgewood, with little memory now of what that even was. It was very loud. I think it was organized by the House of Yes. I liked their name enough to agree to the jaunt, but I just needed to do nothing. THat is what today is, in a way. I am at work but I am not exerting or worsening what is probably a mild cold or a passing flu. 

This being more time than I usually spend in the building I guess I will just fill this void with writings and ramblings, until the lunch hour passes. People comment on my bluetooth keyboard and mouse and how it turns my phone into a mini-PC. They also have on occasion asked what I am writing about. “Nothing” has been my only answer. Now I might say “text my girlfriend” even if it happens not to be true at the moment and my screen is obviously not that of a text message app.

Someone is sharing the table with me, remarking that it is next to the a/c vent and slightly uncomfortable because of it. She also brings to ther lunch table a bottle of dishwashing liquid, which I thought must be a mistake, but no she uses it to clean her plastic food containers. Makes sense. But by appearance it looked like she might saute her sandwich with dishwashing liquid. In the brief period of time when I made my own lunches I just rinsed that stuff out.

OK, then, I feel fine. Better than earlier, improving still. My strategy is to starve this cold, starve this sore throat, starve this foggy-headedness.

The issue with losing the ocmpany ID is not that it costs $10 to replace it, but that payment is only accepted in the form of a postal money order. Who tf still uses those? I’ll have to go to the 24-hour post office (fortunately there is one nearby) and do that in the early AM.

Checking in to the building by swiping your ID is said to be part of your broader “adherance,” which is something I give virtually zero attention. Some people here obsess over it but I have no idea what my numbers are.