Didn’t think I needed to but it seems I lost track of which day I last shaved. I look scraggly and haggard, homeless and scummy. OK, not that bad, but I should have shaved but I was running late, too late to ‘bate, I joked to myself. Subways were mostly empty on this Friday before Memorial Day. Subways are pretty quiet on Fridays anyway, as a lot of people still do work from home that day. I do not. One of the joys of this job has been working anywhere but at home. I am happy to let someone else make sure the Internet is working, the computers are working, the air conditioning is on and paid for, the water is cold, the desk and chairs are taken care of… Happy to not be in charge of all that, and trying to get work done, anymore. Working from home became almost impossible for me. The monotony of the same space, the encroaching clutter and accumulation, the sodden memories that sometimes overcome to more numerous beautiful ones. 

I discovered this week that it is possible to walk from here to the Whitehall Terminal and back within a half hour. This means I can check on the payphones at the ferry terminal. They would be the only ones left in this part of town, except for some pub phones, but I don’t go there during workdays.

I made it to Whitehall. The payphones are all gone. Disappointing but not surprising. They left the always overly-ginormous TELEPHONES sign, though, so maybe there’s hope of bringing them back! Yeah, right…

Want to go back for another shot without cell phone lady in the way. Didn’t want to stay more than a couple of minutes since I had to get back to the office. That’s the first time I made this mid-day run to Whitehall, after days of evaluating whether it would be feasible. FEASIBLE.