We walked yesterday. Around Ridgewood, around the block, around this one-horse town. The neighborhood-y feel of Ridgewood drastically turns to blight at Flushing Avenue, where we briefly visited the Onderdonk House. That intersection itself, Onderdonk and Flushing, with the mysteriously enormous “M&V PROVISIONS” signage, feels like an inflection point. Onderdonk Avenue becomes a dead end street lined with street art of mostly marginal quality. Turning left we reach Bushwick Triangle, which I thought was the name of the multi-street intersection but I now know it’s the name of a jazz club. Addresses in this area are puzzling. Flushing Avenue’s addresses conform to the usual hyphenated format to which most of Queens’ streets ascribe. But Onderdonk Avenue, which intersects with Flushing Avenue, uses Brooklyn-esque 3 digit building numbers. Another area in Forest Hills also uses non-hyphenated addresses. Mysteries.