So I finally made some progress on one of my radio station ideas. I’ll find more efficiencies, of course, but for now I’m piecing together a few hours of recordings I made while walking to and from places like Corona, Queens Boulevard, midtown, etc. The main issue is wind noise, which for me had been one of the most ghastly sounds ever, but I’ve come to accept it as part of the territory as long as it does not completely consume the recordings with its noise. I also discovered that recordings I made months ago were occasionally intruded upon by some kind of disconnect of the microphone. Shit happens, out in the wild. Here or there I think the narratives get broken up by either myself just rambling off into nothing or as a result of having to edit out something for being inaudible, either from wind or overhead subway noise. I could, if so motivated, go back and record myself again in a two-track excerpt with some sounds from the places I was in the background. That might fill in the broken narrative but that would probably sound weird, since my voice can be entirely different in timber and tone from one day to the next.

So the current radio stream I’m compiling it is mostly me walking and talking but it’s interspersed with subway sounds and me describing dreams I had the night before. That’s where you get to hear my wake up voice, which my accountant said was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard. Boo-yah.