I open the tool box in my closet about once a decade.
This is what shows up, when I lift the top rack holding all the wrenches and screwdrivers.
Rubber bands, thumb tacks, a WORLD’S BEST WEBSITE” pin … in lower case, as was the new-media-savvy way of handling typefaces and the websites’ leading URI portions, before the first slash, that always rewrite to lower case, no matter how you type them in or link to them. Phew.
The filename portion of the URL is anyone’s guess as far as mixed case causing 404s.
The pathfinder.com website is gone but Meredith Corporation acquired the domain.
Not nostalgic, and not a hoarder. But not the type to just throw stuff away, either.
Nice to find something like this looking up from the bottom of an old tool box.

pathfinder.com world's best website

pathfinder.com world’s best website