This sign drove me crazy a couple of days ago. I’d never seen or heard the word “TEEN” used as a descriptor for food, so I had no idea what this misspelled word was supposed to be. TWEEN? KEEN?

Now I know there is baby spinach and its more fermented variety known as “teen”.

The association made between spinach and puberty seems kind of odd to me. To continue with this logic we might have spinach middle aged, elderly, 30-something, and so on. Connoisseurs might have sensitivity enough to detect precisely fermented 47-year-old spinach, or freshly post-pubescent spinach.

I’m not a foodie so this kind of thing would not cross my radar, but I do know of baby carrots. I find no serious reference to teen carrots, elderly carrots, or carrots said to be at any other stage of life.