Somehow a post-by-email bit I sent at 5:07am got posted and posted and posted over and over. I don’t know what the hell that was but if anyone’s RSS feed got spammed with that please accept my apologies. It looks like a glitch in the email-to-Wordpress plugin but maybe it’s what I get for posting at 5 in the fucking morning.

I got a WYZE cam because it was cheap, has excellent night vision, and I’ve had a renewed interest in watching myself sleep. Not the full 8 hours but just the turning points. I’ve been told, time and again, that I’m a sleep thrasher. I believe it, but have never seen it for myself. I had another cam like this but it was a piece of crap. This one, from one night’s usage, appears significantly better.

One woman said I would sometimes grab her by the face and snarl into her neck and shoulder. Another said I howled like a hyena, but only once in a while. I do not sleep walk but I regularly jolt awake at all hours of the night and sometimes fall onto the floor. I snore but only for a few minutes until deep sleep arrives and I quiet down.

One partner convinced me to submit to a sleep study. It was horrible. They put hundreds of sensors all over my head and body and expected me to fall right to sleep in a room where noise from the outside world blasted in such that I may as well have been trying to sleep at a cocktail party.

After hours and hours of failing to fall asleep the frustrated Sleep Technician came in and told me, in effect, to “GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP.” I had to do sleep studies twice since the first time produced no usable data.

I never slept long enough for any meaningful results to be gleaned from these sleep studies but they gave me a CPAP machine anyway. I would have slept better at a rock concert than with that insane contraption on my face.

Anyway, here’s an action shot for you. Sorry again if anyone felt spammed upon.