I’ve been exploring ways to set up a 24/7/365 streaming webcam from my window. I’d need to do this without relying on a dedicated PC. Raspberry Pi seems like a plausible solution, even if it would probably not meet my original goals. I wanted to stream 3 cameras and audio, such as I did in this day-long stream, though with only two cameras instead of three:

I’ve compromised on the multi-camera setup, and will likely forego even the audio, in favor of just a single stream pointing at the nearby intersection of 29th Street and 34th Avenue. I know of no personally-operated live streaming or non-streaming webcam in Astoria or Long Island City. There are MTA and Port Authority traffic cams and maybe some official weather cams but no individual or small business has established a live webcam in Astoria or anywhere in Western Queens, as far as I can tell.

I do not so much intend to fill that void as encourage others to do so by setting an example.

When I grew up on the internet (heh) and set up personal websites having a webcam was not exactly a done deal (no one had to set one up) but when a webcam was set up it faced no skepticism or question (except for “Do you turn it off when you have sex?”).

In the course of my research I encountered this live stream of a swimming pool in France. The camera angle and lens make the pool with its slides and surrounding houses look like it is on an island high above the earth. Who says it isn’t?