One day to the next it’s something different. Shakes, anxiety, even panic one day. Serenity, peace, even happiness the next. I’m on the latter lurch at the moment.

Payphone patrol turned up mild intrigue. Someone stuffed some pills, they look like some kind of supplement or multivitamin, into the coin return slots of the payphone carousel at 77 Water Street. 

That was two days ago. Today, those pills were extracted from the coin return slot and deposited onto the flat surface in front of the phone. Also, a few pills were extracted from a neighboring phone’s coin return, revealing to me that most of the phones’ coin returns had pills stuffed within.

This led to a brief tour of the other phones, in which pills were present in most but a cigarette butt hogged the space available in one of the coin returns.

No coins, but wouldn’t you know, I found a MetroCard with $3.50 on it. This brings to $5.00 the amount of MetroCards I’ve found of late, after finding a card with all of $1.50 on it yesterday. Big money.