There are other reasons to take the panic pill and the bp med. if it stops me drinking i save money. well duh, right? i’m not making enough money at this job. in fact i’m losing money. i expected that but it still kinda hurts.

caller today just wanted to know what time it was. she’s chronic. adorable. sounds 100+ years old. i’ve taken several of her calls. when you tell her what time it is she always asks “is that morning or afternoon?” 

someone else called to ask what date it is. he said he had to set his calendar. maybe that means he uses the kind of calendar my dad had, where you turn a couple of 6-sided cubes every day. I never thought of it until now but I guess those cubes were numbered not in 1-6 or 0-5 form but something more clever. Hmm… How did those cubes work, anyway? 6 can double as 9 with a flip. I guess one cube only needs 1-3 so what fills the other sides of the cube? Somthing to othink about when I have more than 5 minutes to write these words and zap them out.