I finally set up my own toll-free number, possibly for a limited time. I want to use it for payphone calls, coinless calls, now that one of the last working phones in New York is jammed with dimes. I don’t think PTS actually maintains these things anymore and this had been my payphone of choice for ongoing Payphone Radio calls. I’ve always avoided toll-free out of concern for the cost, but I find I can limit my losses to a set amount. I also intend to limit incoming by CID, rejecting calls from anything but that phone, or maybe I can get even more clever about it and only accept calls from payphones. Problem with that is a lot of payphones today don’t send out that signal. whatever it’s called at the network level. Hmm. Was going to wait until tomorrow but why not bolt over to Penn Station or 114th Street to try this shit out… It’s just such a misery day for weather and it makes my whole body feel heavy and gross. I guess the end of Ian is taking its time.