Sitting at a coffee chop… think I’ll leave that typo. A lot of typos get through here on account of no spell check and the small screen. I often make a quick pass at fixing them later, at home.

Cold got here quickly. Had to find a jacket this am.

Someone called to complain about an enormously huge wifi tower going in outside Cooper Union.. I didn’t think they were putting those monstrosities in Manhattan, at least not in non-residential areas. Thought those were all going out to the boonies, for appearances of equality and equity.

Yugh, had to leave that coffee spot. They were blasting horrible covers of Beatles songs. I mean it sounded like the people singing were being murdered. It reminded me of a time a radio station playing in a restaurant had a thing where someone called in and won a bunch of money, or tickets to a concert, or something. She was so happy that it sounded like she was being tortured.

That’s how bad the music was at this place, the BlueSpoon on William Street. I don’t like their coffee, either, but it’s stronger than others I’ve found around. Today was my triumphant claim of the free cup you get after buying 10. It’s doesn’t seem free to spend $38 on 10 coffees and only get one. The profit markup on coffee must be in the 4-figure range, and places just keep jacking up their prices. Even Jubilee, the once-favored place with its $1.25 large coffee got on the greed game, jacking up the price to 2 fucking dollars. I’m almost completely done with that place now.

This is truly relevant, is it not…