I was confronted with a challenge, but I knew enough to know who to ask. It is yet another “last payphone of New York” although it does not quite fit the description that DoITT and the City lied about when removing those Times Square area phones. Those were on City property. The new find is on private property, where the owner and time itself seem to have forgotten about it.

It will be boss if this phone works but I’m not optimal on that prospect.

I don’t really have anything to say. Slept well, good hard boner to show, but woke up with tightness in chest. Popped the benzo/bp/betablocker cocktail and feel fine but wish I didn’t need these pills. Yesterday I was just rolling into an anxiety attack when a call from hell, or what I thought would be a call from hell commenced. It ended up being fine but it arrived just as I felt like I had no control over my words or what came out of my mouth.

I ate a hearty cheese omelet and sausage with a banana to boot.

I forgot to mark my 10/20, which was two days ago. 10/20/1990 is the day I left Tampa for good, and basically never looked back. I left on an Amtrak train, which left at 12noon on the dot, barely giving me time to find a seat before the force of the train moving made me sit down quickly, involuntarily.

I am here now. Here is where I am. 32 years later this is where I am.

October 20, 1980, ten years earlier, happens to be the day Apology first started.

Tonight might be a night I connect with the interesting woman once again. She seems amazing. Impossible, even. Am I ready for amazing?