I took a new seat today. No doubt the gossip mill will chatter.

Thinking about the absurdity of the woman on the train. Our faces, inches apart, unable to communicate even though we do, but anonymously. I comment on her blog postings once in a while. I have a groggy memory of possibly posting to her Instagram once, revealing myself as the dude from morning train commute. I don’t know if I really did that, though. Our contacts have been anonymous. Does she know I’m the connecting with her?

I got a screen magnifier, for the cell phone. It looked like a cheap joke that I’d promptly return but in fact it was pretty impressive. Problem is I can’t really use it for writing, which was the intended purpose. It’s too big and obvious. I get enough unwanted attention as it is for having this Bluetooth keyboard. I don’t see anyone else here with a laptop or anything like this.

I have to write into an offline document today. Too much evil shit to document.