Can’t decide if this is really a day. I feel fine, which has not been normal for weekends. Not certain I want to make another try for it with the woman at the bar. She looks to be locked in a state of permanent glee, which is impossible and kind of nauseating to be around. 

At a coffee shop now where the Payphone Radio cards I put on the business card rack are gone. They don’t exactly fly off the shelves but they do get picked up. I replaced them with 4 more.

I once found a Payphone Radio card on the floor of the lobby of my apartment building. I have no idea how it got there. It’s not something I would drop by accident. I mean, the way they are stuffed away in the bag makes it incredibly unlikely one would just pop out. I did have a momentary scare when I dropped one at work. I caught it but man, if word got out that I am who I am among those peeps I don’t think it would end well. Me working there is like a kind of performance art.

My plan is to exit after a year. I assume being able to hold a job for a full year is still considered a sign of reliability. My reasons for moving on are purely financial. All my overtime and pay go toward comp time, not cash. The only way to get that comp time as cash money is to quit, as confirmed with my boss last week.

I slept too late, again. It is too cold for long walks, but I made it probably about a mile up Astoria Boulevard to see if there were any new pianos dumped there. There were none.

Going home. Too many darting eyeballs in this coffee shop.