UNDERTRUE – Wrong but not completely without merit

OVERTRUE – Truthful in some ways but exaggerated in others.

YOUTHY – Someone who thinks they are younger than their real age.

None of these can be unique, or new by my pen. My father invented a lot of words, or else he learned them as a hillbilly youth. Dad words:

KELLUPS – Ketchup

SHPITAL (pronounced “schpeetle”) – Hospital

DINDIN – Dinner (not one of his better ones)

I cannot think of any other Dad words just now. They surface in my mind once in a while, bidden by what mental associations I do not know. Things move so fast inside the brain.

I went out to the South Street Seaport just now. Beautiful 60 degree day, I left the winter coat behind. I did not play on the 180 POPS piano because some insurance company had a table set up right in front of it, for soliciting some kind customers. Didn’t want to intrude on that with my prestidigitations.