Working hard will land you in the horking ward.

That was my spooneristic moment of genius today. Work too hard you get sick and barf. An utterly lifeless attempt at wit but something to get the energies moving. Or not. I feel brain dead this day.

Caught up some with a long time friend last night. I do not have easy access to a printer now so he was kind enough to print the 4-page anthemic piano piece “Opening” from “Glassworks.” I don’t know how it is that I never printed it myself but I never programmed it. I probably found the piece too common, or overplayed.

Meeting up with friends has become a challenge for me. I don’t do well with stuffing social stuff into the after work hours. I just like to sit, dick around online, and drink. Sometimes I forget to eat. I left two burger patties in the Instant Pot last week, fully cooked, after I forgot they were in there. I don’t waste much, at least I don’t think I do, so that was not a happy moment.

I am supposed to be moving to a new division at this job. I don’t know when, but probably in a month. I was interested at first, and I’m not indifferent now. But on balance with this job I could take it or leave it. I need something where I can actually save money, save enough to go back to my old ways for a while, then go back and do it again. Work for 6 months, go unmoored for 6 months, rinse lather repeat.