I woke through the night to a smell of Satan. must have been the hamburger meat I unintentionally dumped into the big garbage can, which empties once a week, more or less. Probably maggots in there. Yum. I contained it, I think and had a fan blowing any excess stink out the window. That was lucky placement. It’s a “reversible” fan, which I thought meant you could flip a switch and it would blow air the opposite direction. No, this kind of fan is “reversible” because you can take it out of the window and turn it the other way. I just happened to have done that last week when a cigarette-smoking friend came over. He normally turns the fan around from its usual inbound direction to outbound, so as not to stink up the kitchen with smoke (it stinks up anyway) but out of unexpected generosity I did it for him this time. So the stink was ready to be blown out. But I had to close the bathroom window, lest it just gets blown right back inside. Somehow the stink seemed less by morning.That can’t be but it must reflect the tightening of the bag I deployed and, I guess, the fa blowing it away. But by AM it seemed so much less of a stench that I had to ask if it really even came from my apartment or someone else’s. We will never know. The bag is gone. Of course unexpected stenches always remind this renter of the days after Jack died. Before anyone knew he was dead the body started fermenting and stinking up the lobby of the building. It really did a job on the apartment right upstairs, where a couple of young people lived and suffered through 2 or 3 days of living with the stench of a dead body.