I brokkkke and destroyed my screen magnifier. It made typing into this small screen much more palatable, if a little bit gawky in appearance to others. I shall procure another. Until then, I”m back to barely being able to see what I type, so typos away.

I plugged this phone into a 72″ television using a DeX-enabled USB C to HDMI cable. For a moment I was like, wow. After a few more moments I was like, why did I spend $20 on this cable when I will almost certainly never use it again…

I’ll keep the magic cable handy. It plugs into any HDMI port and magically turns the phone into a desktop PC. In that respect it really is pretty flippin’ cool.

But I have 3-screen monster PC at home that makes connecting the phone to the giant TV a mere novelty. It could be handy if I traveled, or was more itinerate. Oh, to travel.

Sleep was solid last night. I woke at 12:30an, no idea why, but skillfully worked back to solid, corporate sleep. I don’t remember anything except waking with a boner and feeling surprised I’d let go all the way to the alarm. I try to beat the alarm clock by at least a few minutes. It’s a small feeling of success, beating the alarm clock.

I’ve read a bunch of stuff about ChatGPT and Bing. It sounds like a mess, not quite ready for production, and I’m glad not to be among the early adopters. I had some fun with the original ChatGPT but found it rather pedestrian and unkind. It also gets fundamental facts wrong but presents them with such authority that I could see any reasonably intelligent would believe at least some of its inaccuracies.

The hallucinations sound like so much internet vitriol, scraped from the bowels of Reddit or other message boards, then massaged and rearranged to sound original.

I just asked the GPT who Palmer Stiles was. Palmer Stiles is a name that appeared, fully formed and with no explanation, in a dream my mother had sometime in the 1970s. I used the name in my high school short stories, and later learned that there was a NASCAR river by that name living in Volusia County. “Volusia” was nother word that appeared in my mother’s dreams, unexplained and until then unknown to her. In later years our father would leave the family and move to Volusia County. Only in my mother’s latest years did I discover a Palmer Stiles living in Volusia County all those years.

So I just asked ChatGPT who Palmer Stiles was. I got this seemingly fantasy reply:

Palmer Stiles was the pen name of Edward Lyndoe, an American author who wrote a series of books on various subjects, including puzzles, games, and trivia. He was born in 1908 and started writing books in the 1930s. Under the name Palmer Stiles, he wrote a series of puzzle and quiz books that were very popular in the mid-20th century. His books included “Puzzle Crazy”, “The Complete Book of Puzzles”, “Tricky Puzzles for Brainy Kids”, and “Quiz Craze”. Stiles’ books were known for their challenging puzzles, brain teasers, and quizzes, and many readers found them to be a fun and engaging way to pass the time. Stiles continued to write puzzle and quiz books under the name Palmer Stiles until his death in 1978.

I don’t think any of this is true but I don’t have time at this moment to fact check