But when has that ever stopped me? Slept straight to the 6am alarm. I prefer to beat the alarm but the night’s restlessness made compromise seem inevitable. Noise from the overnight rain kept me waking to a point where I activated the old noisemaker Honeywell air filter contraption. I used to have 2 of those sucking up whatever impurities there were in the bedroom, and I ran them constantly until I discovered how fucking expensive it was to run them. One of them crapped out and I got rid of it but the one remains, activated last night for the first time in years. Not for the air but the noise.

I remember nothing of this Saturday morning commute except that I had the alertness to note that the express train I thought I had boarded was going local, and a true express train arrived across the platform whilst my wits abounded.

Lower Manhattan is expensive. I was not comparison shopping but I could not help note that the exact same container of blackberries I get for $1 in Astoria cost $4 down here. Same brand, same size, same exact packaging. You pay a premium for the privilege of consuming this product in such tony climes.

It is presently 8:20am and I feel like I am spiraling into a giant mouth. Something will eat me today, chew me up, make me feel good and then deftly spit me out.

I dreamed a few weeks ago about a woman I barely knew, a hi-in-the-hallway acquaintance from corporate. I don’t know why she lingers in my memory. The dream included voracious, starved-for-it sex in which her face became overcome with pink and purple streaks. Her tongue became 5 feet long and kissed me so deep it emerged from my asshole, licking wildly. I woke from this dream puzzled to be plagued by memory of this woman I never really knew. Is there an encounter we had that I blacked out of my mind? Does she dream of me the same ways I do of her?