I’ve entered into a new correspondence with an artist/pornographer/ We talk freely about sex, masturbation, her breasts. SHe has the most active mind of any woman I can remember having met through any of the porn sites. She’s what most of the others are not. She is real. She doesn’t set up shop at a hotel or studio. She does everything out of her actual home, making it distressingly easy for anyone so inclined to track her down. On that basis I care, but would not say anything to sound like I do. She used to live in Bk but is in Massachusetts now. I don’t anticipate a physical romance, at least not at this moment. But she implied that one of my sex bucket list items would be no problem to accomplish. She is not unknown in the world, nor am I, but so far I’ve not revealed my identity beyond my porn website handle. She has interesting videos, walking in the woods talking barely above a whisper about matters I can’t always understand. Maybe there are inside jokes or inside information about previous dramas. I don’t know but the walk in the woods format is interesting, and not just when she strips naked to get some sun. She is a painter and I love to watch her work. Her back and ass are exquisite, and her breasts make my mouth water. I’ve told her all this. She knows. Her whispers roar.

This kind of heat is cruel. I brag about loving the heat but safety is a real consideration when it gets like it is now. I read an LA Times piece about Death Valley, where temperatures are hitting 133F. The reporter talked to a 71-year old hiker who said he was ready for anything, with decades of experience. He made it to his destination, then dropped dead on the spot. We’re not getting that kind of heat but it’s nasty enough to just stay indoors. For this I welcome the employer as my keeeper. Let them pay for the air conditioning, the electricity, the endless supply of cold water. Of course if I were working at home, as in previous decades, I would enjoy the sweat. I have an A/C but have barely used it. In fact I may have not used it at all this summer. I have no a/c in the bedroom and it’s been fine. I don’t mind sweating in my sleep. It feels cleansing. Those nights would be uncomfortable with a partner but for now I’m free of that. There are people who always sleep hot, no matter the temperature. That would be uncomfortable for the partner, I would think. I don’t know, wtf am I talking about… Just saying that for as much as I embrace the heat and a good sweat I’m happy to be indoors for most of this 3-day 100+ heat index period.

Sunday’s weather looks more accommodating. On account of that I might be able to get up to the Bronx to capture an awesome payphone carcass that turned up on Cyclomedia yesterday. It looks like it’s been sitting there for 12 years and nobody but nobody gives a fuck about it. This could be the payphone of the year.