Apparently there was a smoke condition along the 4/5/6 lines today So they shut off the air conditioning. This quickly made conditions very uncomfortable. I almost immediately started sweating, and I was seated. The lack of a/c notwithstanding some of that smoke did get into the subway cars, probably reddening my eyes a bit. I know they teared up. I had to take 3 trains today. Other options existed but the 3-train thing didn’t seem too crazy with an escalator at Grand Central and the newly-working elevator at Fulton Street to erase most of the daily dosage of stairs. That 3-train thing might even make sense on a weekday basis. Yes, this is interesting…

I read about a Los Angeles artist who, like millions of others, was constantly missing the exit to Interstate 5 because the city transit peeps didn’t want to put up clear signage pointing to it. So he spent some time creating a perfect replica of a real interstate sign and put it up himself, in broad daylight no less. I’ll do something like that some day.

My new correspondent is really something. Masturbate everywhere, she says. She considers it shameless, even sacred, but also dangerous, in the way of fire and electricity. I know of cases where chronic masturbation nearly ended a marriage. But that also involved porn addiction. I can remember my own instances where masturbation made the woman I was with uncomfortable, irritable, and insecure. In one case I was gearing up to shoot a load into her chest, just for something different. But she wanted none of it, so into her body it went. We h ad never done anything like that, and I guess I’m the asshole for not discussing it ahead of time. It just made sense (to me) in the moment to indulge in some exuberance. But the new correspondent, I’m remembering my whole history of masturbation in crazy places. I’ll save the details for her, though.

I have a new leather messenger bag, and it looks like it will be a keeper, finally replacing the grungy old Jack Spade bag an ex got me for Christmas one year. That bag did me well but just got to a point of cosmetic despair that I had to move on. My bags are important ot me. They are appendages. I see people walking around, or on the subways, with nothing but a book or a cell phone, and presumably cash/cards/keys. How can anyone get around like that? And for how long? I carry an umbrella at all times, a bottle of water and a supply of BP and anxiety meds. There is also a baggie of condoms and change of underpants, and a small thing of vodka. The vodka is not essential but I consider the other things so. Bah, trains were late today so no time to finish this critical line of discourse.