My first day on the new division. Not certain where to go or when to log in. I don’t care too much about all this, the change of job function. It’s the same task just not as urgent or anxiety-stoking.

Yesterday sent me all over the place, to Fort Greene then to 14th Street/Union Square by a smart (by my estimate) connection from the G to the L. Then I went over to Water Street to check on the 7 Water phones and the PRAY etching that still survives. From there it was on to Whitehall, where I surprisingly found 3 working payphones at the terminal. They all have working *10 shorcuts but none go to the prerecorded sermon.

I never think of the G as going any place central. It always felt like an outlier. But it gets you close enough to the Barclay Center and downtown, at least at a few stops. I spotted a new-to-me HYacinth exchange name sign yesterday. I thought it might be HYlan, from Staten Island. But no. It’s a Bk exchange. Last new exchange I saw was SLocum, also in Bk.

It seems one of my tweets went nuclear over the weekend. 750k impressions and I suddenly have 4,000 new followers. Too bad the platform is about to fail. I do not understand any logic vesides greed that would validate removing the ability to block other users. There are people I do not want to see and it’s not because they are nazis or trolls but because they are former friends, ex-girlfriends, people with whom things ended badly. I don’t need that backwash of bad times to roar back at me, nor would I wish it on them. I had always been skeptical of Twitter but I did at least recognize its value to a certain culture.