Getting my Forest Park video ready. It ended up being almost an hour. I have other videos from earlier. I don’t know why I went ahead with this one first but it’s not like I’m on any kind of deadline. As I uploaded it today I kept thinking “Porest Fark” or “Poorest Fark,” strictly as a spooneristic tic and not any kind of comment about that website which I was surprised to learn still exists.

OK, here it is.

49 minutes seems long but it’s fine. The experience out there was more interesting than I expected. I’ve been to Forest Park a number of times but it never made much of an impression, for some reason.

In other news… I’m liking the new job here. I think I’ll fit in well enough once everyone gets it that I’m no extrovert. Yesterday there were numerous instances of everyone laughing hysterically at stuff while I sat there blinking my eyes. I sense that some people are surprised I got bumped up here so quickly. Most people were at this company for several years before moving anywhere else. I was actually hired for this about 8 months ago, meaning I’d only been here 1 year. As things go in the world of work I was told 8 months ago I would start in 2 weeks. I almost quit at least twice. But held on. It’s not a glory job. I’m not a career guy. I just need to prove I can hold down a job and advance within so I can get another gig that pays a living wage.