Dreams were rough and tumble. A homeless dude decided there was a lot of money in my bag and he wanted it. There was no money in my bag so instead he wanted my water. I carry an 8oz. bottle everywhere in case I need to take a panic pill. He could not have that water. The dude got really aggressive, following me into my house where my family was moving out and into a shopping center. We ended up on a bunch of couches with an airport outside the window and a 24-hour booth that had something to do with Amazon Prime deliveries. Whenever a delivery was made a loud bell would ring. We could not live like this so we found accommodation elsewhere in the sprawling shopping center.

My dreams often take place in sprawling shopping centers that are actually cities unto themselves. I woke up screaming twice from last night’s dreams. This time I was alone, unlike one night last week. That was kind of random, not entirely pleasant or satisfying, and unlikely to recur.

I look around this office sometimes and ask: “What the hell am I doing here?” I will likely make it to a 2-year anniversary in January, but by then I would hope to be ready to move on. Getting a job takes so long and incurs so much wasteful activity. It took 2 full years from the time I applied to get this job. Two fucking years.

I posted a video which is not live yet. It is mostly Manhattan, some payphone patrol, but end with a dip into anti-solipsism, in which the world does not exist as long as I am in it. I had one of those near-blackout events where I did not know where I was and would have no memory of being there if not for the video I took.

Here is the video, in all its glory:

A friend from forever ago died last week. We were friends, briefly but quite memorably, in college. He had an enormous penis, 18-inches at full tilt. He was proud of it. I wrote this story about it years ago, on a WWW far, far away: sorabji.com/tpogh/stories/boner.html