Finding a decent pair of socks proved to be quite a challenge this morning. I found one pair after another, artfully stuffed into itself by laundromat personnel, but every pair seemed to have large and capacious holes. These would be holes of my soles, and unacceptable on sartorial grounds seeing as I wear sandals over these holes. The holes to my soles are visible to any observer so inclined to draw their attention to my left heel, or the front of my right foot. This seems slovenly, and poor; and while I certainly am the latter I like to think of myself as one who cleans up well and makes a reasonably comfortable appearance. I ended up wearing an ex-girlfriend’s socks. I feel her feet in them, remembering how I pressed them to my face when we would reach full-bore fucking with her legs raised up, and how there were times I would remove these very socks I’m wearing now from her feet so I could get the sensual caress of her flesh on my face and neck. Finding this pair of socks took time today, but it’s what I have to spend the rest of the day with, feeling that the feet in these socks are not mine but hers. She had wonderful, healthy feet.

Speaking of holes I got into a conversation about rats yesterday, informing someone who apparently never knew that rats have no bones. Because of this a large rat can stuff itself into or through an extremely small hole. Kind of a miracle to witness, albeit a repugnant miracle. Rats are everywhere in New York but sightings have decreased something like 25% since trash set-out rules changed. Now everybody must put garbage and recycling into sealed bins, keeping the rats out. The numbers are debatable, though. I would think many people who reported sightings in the past give up reporting rat sightings when nothing ever comes of the report.

I just got messages that mysql appears to be down on my server. That means this story might not post until I can remedy that situation. I’ve had numerous unexpected technical bullshits the last few days. Google 1, a VPN and cloud storage thing, starts off with its opening screens in English. But now when I go further into the app everything is in Italian. Additionally on the PC at home I get errors from Word saying it cannot open certain Word documents, but they open fine on the Android version of Office 365. I thought the files had been corrupted on the OneDrive servers but it seems the OneDrive app is to blame. I think I fixed it but who knows.

I went out and around yesterday, starting off in a strange crossing of paths, sort of. I went to Forest Park to see if a payphone exists at the bandshell. I was intercepted in this pursuit by a Department of Environmental Protection festivity. It was an event to honor certain of its workers, with a live band and lots of food. It looked like it was going to be an all day event. I felt nervous circling the bandshell, looking for a payphone. There were armed security goons standing around, not looking too useful or engaged, but still, they were there. I did not want to look like a mole or like any kind of suspicious individual but I did end up doing exactly that for anyone whose radar I may have crossed. A helicopter started circling overhead, leading me to believe the Mayor might be making an appearance at this event. I don’t know if he did but I did not want to be found skulking around the grounds of this event with a long-zoom camera and no obvious reason to be there. So I skedaddled, visiting some other payphones. I got on a Q11 local bus to Elmhurst. Upon exiting the bus the temperature felt warmer than would be appropriate for my pants and heavy long sleeved shirt. I went home and changed clothes, which sounds luxurious.