Walking the walk, thinking about the unpaid time spent commuting to and from work. Ways to make it productive. Take notes? Document? Walking from Broadway toward Gold Street, I briefly challenged myself to document something I had never seen before. With that challenge in play, a garage door opened. I never knew that was a garage door. It looks exactly like a regular wall. Is it supposed to be hidden and discreet? If so, why? Public information might have the answer.

You can learn unexpected things from public information. There was a roach infestation in apartment 30H of the Trump Tower, for instance. A woman I’ll never know is among the corporate suits who took over a former artists’ loft building, kicking out the artists and turning the formerly ramshackle living spaces into Martha Stewart homes. She would have no way of knowing that this stranger from nowhere near her circles of influence knows this much about her, but it is just something that turned up yesterday while futzing around the internet.

I spent yesterday figuring out how to get DaVinci Resolve to do everything I had Premiere Pro doing. So far, everything seems possible, and with less aggravation. With Premiere Pro, the rule is that you can produce a 15 minute video in 20 minutes, but when it gets to the end and says the encoding is complete, you must wait another hour. What purpose that additional hour serves is anybody’s guess. Is it wrapping the file up into an NSA-encrypted NFT? Is it compressing it from 1gb to the size of a speck of sand?

I also had a moment of clarity with respect to canceling the Adobe Suite. With tax, I think it’s $44 a month. It’s 40-something. My contract ends in December. I went to the cancellation process and was told I’d pay a $20 cancellation fee. On the grounds that I felt I should not have to pay anything to cancel out of this fucking contract into which I was lured unwittingly I said no. I’ll wait until there is $0 cancellation fee. But wait. That means paying another month of $40-something to avoid paying the $20 cancellation fee, which is less than half the cost of paying for the final month. So I’ll pay the cancellation fee and rid my life of Adobe! I was going on the principle of the thing, but the principle has little basis.

The radio news today made the world feel like it is spinning into WWIII, though it has been said we’ve been fighting that ever since the Iranian hostage situation in the 1970s. Call it WWIV, then, with the world itself contributing to the melee. Ground troops, 22 Mainers killed by a gun expert, Acapulco annihilated, a radical MAGA maniac now 3rd in line to the presidency… And this weather is not right. October 26 and it is going to be 75 degrees?