80 degrees Saturday, Rain and 50s Sunday, 60s and clear Monday. The weather has been messing me up. All seasons in a week. Now it’s daylight savings time on Sunday. Who needs this strangulation of time and temperance?

Even though it is a little crude and unpolished (which it should be anyway), I’m happy with this little video I put together over the weekend. When there used to be payphones in the subway stations, I would use them to record sounds of nearby mnusicians and buskers. It was very hit-or-miss in terms of audio fidelity, but once in a while I’d get a gem. Try getting this quality recording from a LinkNYC machine. On second thought, don’t bother. I tried. It is hopeless.

I also like working with video more than I did before. Having moved from Premiere Pro to Davinci Resolve, I find the latter is friendlier, calmer, more stable. One of the major headaches with PPro was watching a 20-minute video encode to 99%, and then stay at 99% for hours until the encoding finally finished. This does not happen with Davinci, although encoding times can be unpredictable.

I also appreciate that it’s all-in-one. Audio is edited within the app. You don’t have to summon the full force of Adobe Audition just to clean up some audio. I was also able to create a sound visualizer without the agony of figuring out After Effects. I was able to get fluent with After Effects, but that was some serious mental heavy lifting for me, and after a week away from it, I forgot it all.

Yesterday was walking. Walking from 40th Avenue to Ditmars, then back down to home. Sunday was hunkering down. I’ve felt depressed and twitchy since the passing, at such a young age, of someone I knew. We had not corresponded directly for some time but still kept each other on our mutual social media radars. She was doing some strange and interesting stuff, some of it potentially concerning. She seemed to like my occasional postings, all of which I deleted, per custom. I realize now that basically erases any connections we would have appeared to have.

I need to get on a train. A bus. A vehicle to nowhere, to everywhere, to the center of the earth. I need to swim in subterranean oceans, with the globular gods of gunderland.

I tried reviving my websites, but it’s too much lifting. Don’t even know where the video stuff is going, I just like doing it. It’s nothing innovative or new… or is it? Does it have to be? Must it change the way society thinks about creative work for it to be worth anything?