I read yesterday that dating sites and apps have ruined sexuality for a majority of men. I believe it. THe 6, 6, and 6 rules says that the only men getting anywhere on those apps are 6 feet tall and muscularly handsome, have a 6-figure income, and are at last 6 inches in the clutch.

I will never be the first 6 but I have made it to the second tier in my illustrious corporate past. I’m not at 6-figures presently but I don’t see why I can’t get there again.

What surprised me about the article was not these superficial qualities women end up settling for in the men they meet online. The article added that fewer than 20% of men are endowed with 6 inches or more. Is that even true? Despite not being 6 feet tall I guess that still made me quite the catch when I at least satisfied two of the 6, 6, and 6 criteria. Today, without a respectable level of income, I don’t think meeting just one of the criteria will get me far on dating apps. I’ve had a few brushes with interesting women but in retrospect felt like desperation had kicked in for them.

But I believe all the negative things said about dating apps. Statistically they make connections virtually impossible for the majority of people who invest their time with that stuff. I still do but it’s largely out of boredom and, dare I say, a mild strain of desperation. I have real world prospects at present but nothing is guaranteed.

I walked a long way yesterday. from 30th street to 92nd street and back. I found an unexpected telephone EXchange name right in plain sight, on a piece of road I’ve been on a number of times, not an abundant number of times but enough to make me ask how I missed seeing this HIckory or HInkley exchange right there on Astoria Boulevard.

It was a long, much-needed stramble up Astoria way. I had the option to sit at the desk and do more work on the dedserv but I chose instead to do that which I cannot typically do on a normal workday. Walk the walk. Be a flâneur again. I felt fine and slept well to show for it.

I was not expecting any Super Bowl in my Super Bowl Sunday but was surprised to find that Channel 2 actually comes in loud and clear to my television.I had the game on but no interest could be raised. I had in mind to look out for a friend who does commercials in LA. He moved there about 10 years ago and almost immediately hit it big with Geico and other name brands. Problem is I can barely recognize him compared to what he looks like in person. That’s not really a problem, I guess, just an observation.

I didn’t knowingly witness his commercial, if it even aired. I turned off the TV not long into the first quarter. He is a friend from the old bar scene of yore, that scene which no longer exists save for occasional online group hugs and reminiscences when someone from there dies.