And I think it’s a win. I got a shower cushion nad I think it fits perfectly. I can lie back in the tub without the cold shock and ongoing discomfort of rubbing my spine against the tub’s cold surface. I mean, this was never really a complaint. The cold of the surface is manageable by simply warming it up first. But that’s not always in my mind. But the hardness of the surface was an annoyance and seemingly a risk, even. I sometimes remember a comment someone made when I referred to hotel guests complaining that their toilet seats were unheated. They had to wake up to a *gasp* cold toilet seat. The comment from a friend “Cold toilet seat in the morning. That’s Third World.”

Third world, indeed. The indignity, the sufferingy of starting your day sitting down on a cold bathtub floor. I live a luxurious life in which I have the opportunity to warm up the bathtub floor before setting by tender butt upon it.

So the cushion will work but now I await delivery of another 3 feet of shower hose. I’ve been using a 6 foot length chain and it’s always felt just a little bit inadequate. I shall see what difference an extra yard makes. At these lengths you’re in the market of people who buy very long shower hoses so they can wash their pets in the tub. I’m getting it so I can get water everywhere I can’t quite get it now.

Was bummed to see that today’s shower, the first in which I used the new cushion, did not record. I plugged in the camera but, as happenes sometimes, it did not activate. I would have had to turn it on using the app.

My life feels like a prison. When the AI image making stuff matured one of the series I dug into was depicting people in prison cells with majestic views of Midtown Manhattan or the beach or Las Vegas… places where everything was happening but, from a prison cell, you had no access. You could only look at the world you lost access to when you chose a life of crime, or whatever you did to end up in a cell. Maybe you are simply in the prison of your life. You’ve fallen and you can’t get up. 

You can go back to ignoring me now.

I finally found my “Today” show appearance from 1999. It was fun, although I seem to remember the producers feeling it came up a little short of expectations, which frankly were set pretty damn high. I don’t remember any feedback or contacts made as a result of that appearance. Maybe one email, but I don’t know. With that stuff you just never know what might ignite. I remember Allan Bridge grousing about how the mainstream media coverage of Apology typically resulted in a trickle of calls for a day or two, then back to normal. It was the smaller media that brought in the genuine apologistas. I magine that most people, seeing something on national or international television, assume the people involved are bigger than life, and unreachable through phalynxes of protective force fields and attitudinal barricades.