Trying something I’ve yet to do from this job, which I have held for over 2 years now. I have never mixed personal activities or creative output with being here at this position. It seemed wrong, and it seemed probably like a violation of some rule to do this, but here I am, posting to my website from the helm of this job which I take quite seriously.

My YouTube postings at have slowed, mostly because DaVinci Resolve, the video editing and production package I use as a Premiere Pro replacement, no longer recognizes videos recorded with my Samsung phone. I’ve also slowed on making videos because of simply not having the time I did before getting involved with a woman again. With a full time job I barely had time for video-making to begin with. I’m not complaining about having a woman in my life again, don’t get that impression…

But I have left a few interesting projects by the wayside. Such is life. Luch is sife. I did what seemed at the time like an interesting Bronx stramble, but I’m not sure where those videos are anymore.

DaVinci Resolve not recognizing my videos anymore is a culprit, though. It’s one of those things that is enough to just make me say no, make me give up before even beginning.

I’ve discovered a hidden gem on a DOT website. Some of the traffic cams capture images of Old and New Calvary cemeteries, and for the grainy resolution and all that it is sometimes quite stunning. I have not watched long but it seems some of the cameras get adjusted by the wind or get otherwise disturbed, and they end up pointing at anything but the traffic conditions they are chartered with relaying. Right now a camera on the BQE at 58th Street barely shows the roadway at all, instead serving up a panoramic image of 4th Calvary and the distant Manhattan skyline. I think they also just switch cameras altogether, and the locations indicated are incorrect.

When I say I take this job seriously, I mean of course I do, I take any job worth doing seriously. But I have maintained a hard break between what happens at work and what happens at places like this website. (Is this really a “place”? Hmmmm…) Here I am intertwining the streams and it feels dangerous, like I could get real-world intertwining of these separate worlds.

For instance, I use a Bluetooth keyboard to type these words into my phone. How easy would it be to type the words I mean to type here into the keyboard to my right, which is the one connected to the work computer? It is shockingly easy. I could send a lurid message intended for the woman in my life to an innocent bystander. Yugh.

It’s more than just this. I’ve also dug into and the subscriptions, which I barely have time to take advantage of at home. With sufficient down time at this job I feel it’s acceptable to indulge, and maybe even do some research. I’ve made lots of new discoveries at, and wading through those old TimesMachine scans feels as close to nostalgic as I allow myself to be. Those front pages feel like a cocktail party, with multiple conversations happening based on the content of that page. Today’s covers are not quite that inviting or busy. Lots of huge photos and even advertisements on the front page, unless that was just an online-only aberration when I saw a giant banner ad across the bottom of the front page of the Times. Was that also in print? I don’t know… But ads on page 1 were historically verboten.

I also resist entering any personal information into work computers. I don’t know or necessarily trust whoever might be watching over my online activities here. Maybe there’s a rogue IT guy scooping up passwords from peoples’ non-work related accounts, just to make a point that this is not your personal internet service provider. But I went ahead with a couple of my subscription sites, entering my username and password through slightly gritted teeth.

Titted greeth.

Tightly slitted greeth.

Yes, I see what’s happening here. My mind is doing cartwheels but to anyone present I seem like the picture of mellow. Some have suggested I’m a stoner (no one from here), which I am not, but the comment irked me because I know what is going on inside this head and it is anything but calm or serene.