Before the Loaner Scope- FAMO was introduced through my anus and advanced to the cecum and identified by appendiceal orifice and ileocecal valve, the doctor in charge of the procedue asked if I was nervous or concerned. I said no. “I’ve talked to a lot of people about it. This is the easy part.” And it was. I don’t know how long I was out but when I came to there was no memory whatsoever of a SCOPE-FAMO going up my butt, or of anything else. I felt a mild soreness on what is presently my northern buttcheek. And an occasional sharp pain in my right leg is a little weird, but I can’t remember if it was there before the procedure. I’m not worried about it. I was never worried about anything, really, though anxiety did take over for a brief spell in the days preceding. The doctor’s office sent many conflicing messages. The main line of communication was to consume only clear liquids the day before and the day of.”Clear” means you can see through it, right? In this case clear, of course, includes black coffee (?), which was a welcome headache-reductive bonus. Other inconsistencies included noticing only the day before that I was not to eat anything with seeds on it for 5 days before the procedure. This rule appeared in one of 5 or 6 separate communications, this one I think coming over a month prior to the big day. It is the first sedation I’ve undergone in a few years. I had some teeth pulled after my bruxism grinded them to a pulp. That sedation was injected and all I remember is the needle going in and then waking up in another room, impatiently asking a nurse if this operation was ever going to get started. It had been successfully performed to no memory of mine. I had also been sedated years ago for a few endoscopies. Every time I get sedated I am warned that I must have an escort, which I dutifully arrange for, but I simply don’t need it. I handle the after-effects of sedation like a cham-peen. I have seen what sedation does to other people, though, and it is no joke. I escorted a friend once after he had some kind of rectal exam, and post-proceudre that dude looked like he’d been hit by a bus. Same thing when I got the teeth pulled. Someone else there had the exact same procedure and she looked like death warmed over. I walked away with no troubles at all. I don’t know what that means but it’s been the case every time I get sedated. I feel normal afterward and evidently that is not necessarily normal. I saved the hospital socks they gave me. I guess they would have just discarded them so why not keep them as a memento. I was only slightly nervous because I waited a number of years before getting screened. But with no family history having a totally clean slate I didn’t have reason to be nervous. The prep sucked but I actually warmed up to it after a while. I started ingesting the formula at 6pm, started shitting liquid at about 6:30, and by 8:30 or so I was already near the goal of pooping out liquid that looked almost as clear as urine. It probably helped that I took a large dump earlier in the day. I resumed taking the formula at 5am, but quickly decided I did not need to finish it off. I left about an eigth of the 4-liter bottle. I’m very fortunate to have not found the taste of the formula to be repulsive. My GF warned me over and over that the taste of that shit made her throw up, and that she was ready to hold my hair if that happened. But it tasted fine. The only unnatural aspect about it was having to drink so freakin’ much of it so quickly. But it was fine. She was awesome, btw. We were making shit jokes the whole night, and the day after. She’s been through this a number of times so she can find the humor in it all. I slept well the night after the procedure, and surprisinly well the night before. I woke up screaming 4 times but that’s common for me.