This workplace can be very uncomfortable on weekends and holidays. While other sections of the building are air conditioned they choose, for whatever reason, not to activate a/c on this area. The other side of the floor, where absolutely nobody sits on the weekends, is abundantly air conditioned, while the populated section of this floor is staffed by sweaty, unhappy workers. There’s no sense in it but that’s just how it is.

I, for one, enjoy a good sweat, though the office is not necessarily the best place for it. With a good sweat it feels like my body weeps. I’ve always loved that expression.

Yesterday I briefly and unintentionally revealed a bit of personal information about myself. This is against my standards of engagement for this place, as I very strongly feel that my life away fro here is nobody’s business, and the same is true for others’ lives. 

But yesterday I let on that there is no such thing as a bad sweat, and that my early childhood was spent in Ghana and Laos, the former practically on the equator where earth is at its hottest. I didn’t mean to reveal anything of that revealing a nature but it just came out.

Suddenly nerves are jangling like crazy. Too much happening. Too many streams crossing. Air conditioner delivery looks like it will not be as hoped. No installation provided. I guess I can do this but I wanted the assurance. I’ve never removed or installed a window a/c before. Time for some adulting, I guess…

I am feeling the conflicts of letting outside-of-work affairs intersect with my time on the job. That’s a bad thing for me, for anybody, if they actually care about the job they’re being paid to perform.

Lunch is in 15 minutes. What am I doing here? Why do I persist at this job?