I played back a couple of weeks’ worth of what I used to call “Shower Talk”. Now I call it “Shower Speak”, which I think gives it a slightly less sodden-sounding title. But the name will change.

In 2017 I started recording my morning rambles, in which I come as close to meditating as my brainial synaptic tics will allow.

Much of it is boring as shit, even by my relatively accommodating and patient standards. But here or there something interesting rambles through.

So there is this, in which I dissect the flightiness of using the word “zephyr” to describe the breeze created between I and the toothpick-thin woman who deliberately tried to collide with me on Fifth Avenue last week. “Zephyr” is the perfect word for that “invisible handshake” but it sounds too high-school-literary-magazine to me.

There you go. Hours of listening, editing, and processing found a whole three minutes of interest. That’s a solid ratio.