I spotted this joyfully banal poem on the Ed Koch/Queensboro Bridge today. At first I thought it was a Descanso in memory of the smiling woman in the faded background, who might have died on this spot. It appears to be a palpitation-inducing love story. It’s good to see poetry up on the bridge, however bad. This was easier to read from the photo than in person. I had to stand in the bike lane to get this photo, so that meant either certain death or certain malignant anger and fuck yous from any oncoming bicyclists, cursing and flipping off a lowly pedestrian for violating their sacred lane. I survived.

Just Like Feathers

Just Like Feathers



Joyous we snared a room as neighbors
You perpetually far out of my class
Everything you did, all in grace
Did it all come easy or merely an act

If only you turned once more
I swear I noticed you every day
So I thought I swore I did
Every glance like the middle of May

On frostbitten winter mornings
You shone through cloaked in rose
Losing myself in the warmth of your light
Enchanted, tucked close in the back row

What a strange new sensation
Between the bells I bluffed aloof
Yet each day we parted
You’d visit my heart in solitude

Silly in our youth, then suddenly
Wishing hands pinch the brakes
Times up for today but it’s okay
Tomorrow comes to ease the aches

Quick recess the heat on the rise
All celebrate my sorrow begins
But when summer is gone
I can see you again

A return to the start, finally
Companions follow the autumn hue
Drifting away just beyond reach
Unwilling to grasp whatever comes new

Two three four, then five
And on it went ‘til we walked in gold
People shifted in and out. and still
The sight of your smile never grew old

Where did you go, I wonder
Once we weren’t always around
Where have you gone. I cry
How I’d love to give you ground

A whisper here and a holler there
Mention of you came as good news
All grown up from princess to queen
Your scarlet rose turned royal blue

So generously you reigned
Keeping nothing to yourself
Even your timeless beauty
Bestowed on everyone else

So jubilantly you may’ve feigned
Keeping everything to yourself
Even the smallest of hardships
Held out of sight from the rest

I spun and spun landing far from home
Worlds apart life sure to keep busy
Chugging along and off the rails
Eyes off you I must ve got dizzy

Now where have you ventured
I’ve fallen many steps behind
Have we just one chance it last
To make up for all the lost time

Long departure, warmth turned frigid
All come together, my sorrow begins
Now that summer is gone
I can’t see you again

Upon glimpse of your face
My eyes immediately beamed
The angel I knew
My life’s premiere sweet dream

September 28, 2020