Found this random, forgotten video of a friend and I driving to Coney Island in September, 2006. It was a spontaneous thing, as my friend driving the car was prone to indulge in and sometimes get me to go along. It’s rough quality video but what you’d expect from a Nikon Coolpix 8800 in low light and in a moving vehicle.

I had to mute the audio after the YouTube copyright police bots disapproved of the music playing on the car radio. The video ends before we actually got to Coney Island, but some photos from that night are below. The Coolpix 8800 performed miserably in low light without a tripod but I think I got a few decent shots.

This video turned up while looking for Sunday’s Coney Island Revisited pictures, and 100 Coney Island Pictures from which they were selected.

If I remember right this trip was decided upon when the friend and I happened to cross paths at a nearby park earlier that day. I took a few pictures of him that he intended to use as profile photos for a dating website. I don’t know what ever came of that.

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