This Sunday opened with closure on a question that has desultorally lingered in the back of my mind since high school: What song did I hear on the radio that opened with the line “SHE STARTED LICKIN’ HIS ASS”?

This was regular terrestrial radio, not the fabled cable radio available in other cities, said to have broadcast obscene material not allowed over the public airwaves.

And where the hell would that song have gone next?

Thank you Internet. Now I know. The song was Van Halen’s Jamie’s Cryin’.

What Eddie Van Halen (RIP) David Lee Roth really said was “SHE SAW THAT LOOK IN HIS EYES.”

I’d be happier if the next line of that song was “THEN SHE STARTED LICKIN’ HIS ASS”. But no.

I have tried to solve the “LICKIN’ HIS ASS” mystery a number of times, searching against all searchies since the earliest Internet days, but came up with nothing. The above thank you Internet link is from a relatively recent 2 years ago.

Time to move on.