Oysters swallowed you whole, you and your boozed cult, mellowing youth, our greedless demise filtered through weakened language. Dollared jargon blanketed under freakish sucking, stacked under books paged by repeatedly neutral pliances. My cock stares at the walkabout stranger upstairs, s/he pacing, creaking about the ceiling when only the floor above should be possible. Another door pouts. Feet shuffle. A tooth is brushed. Yesterday’s cheeseburger begs for attention. A fingernail, clipped, flushed. Banalities flood every mind except yours, where intellectual bouquets flourish, replacing traditional banalities with single-handed high-fives, forbiddenly one-faced cheek-kisses, Onanistically cylindrical Gertrude Stein. We will never stop wiping our asses with the stockpile of no-name toilet paper, nor will I ever stop fucking the women left behind by mid-March’s endtimes. I expected the squalor to come from above, from a nuclear winter spread solid as the sheltering sky, fists pounding pavement, frustrated regrets for ever having lived sprinting across grassy knob and cantaloupe field followed by unheard harangues from the living, demanding release. The End was not expected to come from a bat’s asshole. Ease of blame should have come more easily. Now a generation of wires cross, yumminess droops, attitudes digress. The world grins as Gertrude Stein lifts her belly. The world grins again. I don’t remember heathen encroachments, gravy yucca, the futility of perpetual nakedness. I used to quack at the morning snore. Now I honk. You lie there, honkless, your naked back my muse, a stampede of noise rising as I type these words into this mechanical keyboard not enough to wake you up. We are just a couple of fuckarounds released from sentenceless punctuation, hot beavers burrowing into the fall, traditions formed by forced release of strident monotony. If I knew bird calls I would identify them now. A bird on the air conditioner at this moment sounds like a syrupy slobber, a yappy rubber, an innocent animal choking on the night’s condomlessness, and Gertrude Stein.