Got on the wrong bus today and ended up at the Hutchinson River Parkway and Lafayette Avenue, across the street from Saint Raymond’s Cemetery. I’d only entered St. Raymond’s two or three times, years ago, on what I guess you’d call business.

This was one of the few non-Calvary cemeteries I went to in my Forensic Genealogist days, when people paid me to go out and get pictures of their ancestors’ or forebears’ tombstones. I briefly corresponded with and did some work for a private investigator (I misspoke in this video and called her a lawyer) who wanted to send me regular work at this and other NYC cemeteries. She thought these tombstones might contain evidence that could be useful in her investigations.

Intrigued as I was the chances of finding some kind of Perry Mason moment on a tombstone seemed incredibly remote. On top of that she wasn’t paying me enough to even make it worth my time.

Interesting discussion, though.