all that shit I just deleted. Nobody reads this shit anymore so my secrets are safe here, hiding in plain sight. 

At a coffee shop, after a day spent bolting up to Mott Haven for what turned out to be no good reason. I rarely feel like a white man out of place in a racial sense but I sure as hell felt conspicuous in those parts. Stares and one kid threw a fake punch in the direction of my face.

I do someting at my job I bet no one else does, or if they do they would never admit to it. I take the job home with me. I let the voices go to my head. It’s a l ot of extra weight to unpack but in the end I’m finding it worth the study.

Unrelated but an old friend got into some social media trouble. It’s been a while now but I just learned of it the past week. The shit dumped on him was mostly undeserved, but I would not be one to step up in his defense.

What I see happening now is what looks like a time-connsuming attempt at rehabilitation, SERP-style. He’s running his own little version of, enlisting colleagues and acquaintances to write positive testimonials about him and his work. It’s so obvious to me but I guess others would not catch what’s happening. He is trying to bury the bad news about him with an avalanche of love.