I made it out to the Calvary Cemeteries today. All 4 of them. It was not planned, and the decision to dip into New Calvary was guided by the presence of low-flying planes approaching LaGuardia. They made for interesting video, or at least I think they did. Have not played it back yet.

Got to talking about my job, and the comments I get about my voice. Could I have pursued professional phone sex instead of this? Hey, why not…

The chapel remains closed at Old Calvary. I miss that dump. 

At a coffee shop now. I left a small pile of Payphone Radio cards on this place’s business card sharing rack. I expected them to be removed but there they are, a full week later.

A strange thing involving those cards happened last week. I found one of the cards on the floor of the lobby of my buiding. On account of how and where I carry those cards on my person it is virtually impossible that I could have dropped one there. It just does not make sense.

I would not leave those cards around people I know. Maybe it doesn’t matter but I really don’t want neighbors knowing certain things about me as recounted on that radio. 

THen again, why should it matter? I can blast out to strangers but not acquaintances? Why should that be?

I guess it’s just because I don’t want to answer any questions about it.

My newest radio, called Blue Telephone, has scared me at times. Thoughts like those coming out of this head is ugly, but is it wrong ? Fantasy has many dimensions, not all of them can be joyful or wanting.

Where else did I wlak today? The Doomsday Payphone got its weekly visit. Two of my Payphone Radio cards were gone, one remained.

I’d been posting details about a woman I’d been messing around with. I deleted all that. She’s gone from me. 

We met through one of the chat lines I’ve tuned in to for I don’t know how many years. She seemed articulate and intelligent at first but in truth she’s just kinda mean, and coarse. Glad it went no further than it did. 

I don’t know why I still let shit like this happen to me. Everything was safe on the sex side. I was fully condomated. But emotionally this could have been dangerous.

I shall continue my pedestrian journies for today, just a little longer. It is a beautiful day.