November 24 2022 811am

I don’t know why but my heart was pounding at a rapid pace last night. I think I ate something way too high in sugar or carbs. Could it be tapioca pudding? I thought that was all good stuff but the package shows high carbs and some sugars.

So sleep was a mess. I was tired as hell but feel fine now.

Days at work are so different than days away. I’m unmoored on days off, no schedule or structure. So I rarely eat anything until mid-afternoon. What I do eat is usually crap. There was a pizza I ordered for a long time, thinking it was organic or somehow better for you than typical sausage and pepperoni gruel I prefer. In fact I think that pizza was a better product at first but recently any time I eat it I spend the next day feeling like a bunch of sticks of wood, or tree branches are lodged inside me. Eventually I shit it out but it’s a gnarly feeling.

I spent an hour yesterday editing out some overshare stuff. I don’t like doing that but it seems necessary. I have a couple of new women slowly entering into my life and I wouldn’t think they need to see full nude pictures of me just yet. Or talk of doing I enjoy but they might think is disgusting.

I don’t spend the amount of time on my websites like I used to. They’ve become a bit of an albatross. No one from the job knows anything about my web past, or anything else about me, really. That’s how I wanted it. Someday maybe it will all come clean.

I saw Z last night, the woman whose path I’ve been trying to intersect with. I don’t think she knew I was there. It was crowded and dark as hell and she arrived just as I left. She still looked beautiful but maybe more than I could handle.

I also got a random “like” for a photo I took in 2020. The person seemed mildly intriguing, but I don’t know what brought her so deep into my profile. There is but one tangible connection we seem to have but I don’t know what it means.

I was out at Calvary yesterday, just a quick pass. I detailed in an earlier posting that I’m not so big on taking photos or making videos out there anymore. It’s private property, comprising thousands of individual privately-owned pieces of land. I did get some photos of the marquee locations. The Johnston Mausoleum, the Chapel, and one marker special to me but probably few others, which is the Draddy memorial in Section 1.

I was briefly in contact with the Parks Department with respect to the Soldiers Monument in Section 4. It was my first real find, if you will, my first cemetery discovery of something that  no one seemed to know much about. My contact with the Parks Department included receipt of a paper someone had put together on the history of the Soldiers Monument. It was informative for me but I got a laugh out of seeing my website listed as one of its sources. It’s good to have reliable sources, right?

Their particular interest was my discovery of the Draddy burial site. That was news to them. The Draddys fabricated and created the soldiers monument, as well as countless other marble markers for the wealthier clientele. Ironically the marble monuments decayed considerably over time, while the far cheaper markers for the poor survived almost good as new. Those were the zincers, so called because of the zinc material used to build them and also know as the “Poor Man’s Mausoleum.” For genealogy’s sake the zincers are a gold mine of perfectly intact names and dates. Most of the names and dates on the marble markers of the wealthy all succumbed to the elements.

Am I really this boring, talking about all this shit?