I get boosted again on Monday. Word is that most others who’ve done this ended up knocked out for 2 days. I don’t know if they are really feeling like butt or just taking advantage of the paid time off. I’ll see how I feel. Maybe this is the last booster? Or will it ever end? What a long strange trip it’s been, right?

I worked Thanksgiving Day and work today, and tomorrow. With so little activity I get agonizingly bored. Fidgety. I stand up, sit down, look around. Most days there is no one around for me to talk to. I don’t seem to fit in, though I did seem to befriend a woman earlier this week. We’ll see if that’s true when she returns tomorrow.

Between sleeping well and eating well the pills today seem to work exactly as intended. I feel fine and hope that lasts through the day. Calm and capable.

There is one young woman I see around. She keeps to herself. Looks like she might be a college student. There’s a program here for hiring college kids part time. She has beautiful hair that reminds me an ex’s long, black hair. This woman speaks very little, and when she does her voice barely rises to audibility. She is sitting a few seats to my right as I type this analysis of her existence. She texts a lot, and seems wrapped up in her life outside of this place. At present she is eating a muffin and poking at her phone, in silence.

This chair I’m in is exceedingly comfortable, especially considering it is wood. The sitting surface perfectly fits my ass, and  the height of the counter is perfect for typing. This is the Perfect Place. I found It. My feet hang from the seat, hovering 7 or 8 inches above the floor. There is no breeze to speak of but once in a while someone walks past and I feel their wake. The air is erotic to me. Let it lick me.

Now I rest my feet on the chair’s lower frame. The bending of the soles. I wear Teva sandals year round, except during heavy snow or rain. Thermal socks keep me warm however low the temperature. I had to explain the significance of thermal socks in my life to someone. She was incredulous and I could not fathom why it mattered enough to warrant demonstrative emotions of disbelief. She just didn’t think I should wear sock and sandals when it’s 4 degrees. I had no problem with the concept.

I keep looking over toward the mysterious black-haired woman but I don’t think she even knows I’m here. She sniffs every so often. I’ve been letting out an occasional cough. She just sniffed again. I am not trying to get her attention. I’m just following her movements.

Now someone else sits down between us. She is also rapt in her cell phone, apparently planning to eat a banana and drink some water after she finishes whatever business she has on the phone. I cannot see the black-haired woman clearly now but I did just sneak a peak of her running her right hand through that beautiful mane.

I should go to my desk but this chair is seductive. It makes my butt and back feel good. It makes me yawn.

I read that the conventional wisdom about drinking 2 liters of water a day being good for you has absolutely no basis in science. Just an old wives tale. I drink a lot of water during the day. A lot of water.