Now the roles are reversed. The placements, that is. I am sitting where she sat earlier today. I have no fascination with this person. It’s just that this job gives one precious little to think about, to stretch the legs of the mind. So my mind gets activated by just about anything.

She is still sniffing. Is that an early Covid symptom? Probably not.

I found someone’s BJ’s Club card outside, on the sidewalk. It appears the person who lost it (her name is printed on the card) works in this building. Should I return it to her? I don’t know. It seems neighborly, and in a spirit of corporate synergy.

I think I’ll just forget about it. *

I am back on the hookup app and sexting with strangers. It’s fun. Really makes time pass. One woman is actually close to my age. Within 10 years, that is. Most women I connect with here are half my age or younger, which starts out looking for daddy. It only gets weird from there… as if it wasn’t weird already.

Bah, not as much time as I thought to write this miraculous, meaningful missive.

  • UPDATE: I gave it to a security guard.