messed up on the pills, but I also messed up on the woman. Just a cruel, brutal encounter, for no reason sending me back to feeling like a 20-something whose identity and blood supply came from the approvals of a woman. Have I always been monophobic?

I had to take a day off work, hopefully being able to use the FMLA stuff signed a few weeks ago. It was told to me that this is basically you’re no-excuse needed way to get time off when you need it. I already took a half a day off last week with no questions asked. Will I get away with a full day or will this cause ever more anxiety?

My head still feels like a mushroom cloud after the previous night’s nightmares. THey were epic. A lot of physical aggression from abstract, invisible, faceless entities. Threats of more pain and aggression.

Oh but joy of joy in the middle of the chaos I found, from my years of research, that I may have discovered the earliest known photo of Manhattan’s first outdoor phone booths. There were two booths placed outside in June, 1959. I found a photo, a street photo, of someone using one of those phones in July, just a month later. That was a strange rediscovery because I knew the picture and honestly didn’t think much of it until I noticed the date.

THe question becomes: How can I be sure the image shown is definitively at the intersection where the first phone booths of NYC are said to have been erected?

I took 3mg of Lorazapam yesterday, on top of the daily dose of BP meds. 3mg is the most Lorazapam I’ve ever ingested in one 24-hour period, though its effects wear off after the 6-hour half life. Only by end of day was I starting to come back down to earth. Sleep was surprisingly sleepful. I walked a decent amount yesterday, more than might have been expected given the rain, which mostly held off. I never wielded an umbrella, only a fashionable hat that suits me not at all but I bought it in a pinch when the rains came lightly down in Jamaica one day.

I crossed the 1000 subscriber threshold on YouTube. Big deal, right? Now I can make pennies per each half-hour video I made strambling through the cemeteries and looking for payphones in New Jersey and NYC. I spent hundreds on travel for those jaunts, but never had the nerve to fail in terms of asking for donations. I would never see a dime. Peoples’ time spent watching the stuff is their payment.

Let’s see if I can find an interesting horizontally-oriented photo from my device to break up this textual monotony.

No takers on this suite of unhappy looking stuffed animals left on the dumpster.
There’s my soon-to-collapse ceiling, my repeated communications with the landlord roundly ignored. Might be time to summon HPD once and for all.

Just a smashed jug of Hennessy on the Fulton Street subway station, 4/5 platform. I posted this to the Payphone twitter and someone asked what this possibly had to do with payphones. I said “nothing.”