Nothing new to say today. Like most days. I saw something on my work schedule for next week that took me 24 hours to question. I have a full day of “TRAINING” but I know not what this is for. If it’s what I hope then I’m finally on my way to the big move I was promised something like 6 months ago. It’s a big move for me. It might not register as such on the corporate strata analysis but I’m happy to move around. If this is the beginning of my move to another division it means I will likely stay with the company. I was pretty close to quitting, and my boss was on my side, saying I could basically quit at any time. The two weeks notice thing is a relic. If they can fire me without two weeks notice I can fire them just the same. My reason for quitting was that this promised move to the other division looked like it was never going to happen. If it’s happening then I’ll stay. I was also staying on for health insurance reasons, which is never a doubtable reason.

I found myself being kind of a creeper on the subway today. It’s all fun and games, I guess. The rules are you can look but not touch, and I’ve never come close to breaking that code. I mean, I look but I don’t even get close. But man, this woman had sweet, sweet legs. That’s all I have to say.

Word among the gossipmills is that the owner of the building I live in has checked out. I barely ever see or hear him around the building anymore, his once fearsome presence very depleted. He’s no youngster. Mid to late 70s, by my guesstimate. Maybe even 80. I may be forced to file a complaint with the city over his unwillingness to even look at the collapsing ceiling in my bedroom. If things follow their predictable trajectory he will pass and some LLC owned by brash 20-somethings will try and force everyone out with bullying tactics and 24-hour jackhammering. it’s a rent stabilized building so no one should be forced out but it will happen anyway. Greed is like that.

But getting back to the job… If the move to the other division goes as imagined I could actually end up staying with this company for a long time. I did not take this job anticipating I would rise up through the ranks or even bring any amount of attention to myself. I thought it would be a 6-month gig just to prove to future employers that I could hold a job after 20 years of doing my own thing. But you know I like it here. It’s fair, the job is as advertised. I don’t seem to connect with anybody here but that could change. I only connect with one co-worker outside of work and it’s very limited. Maybe that will change, too. I spotted a strangely intriguing woman yesterday. Pink sweater. She’s given me some long looks in the past.